The Dutch media landscape has undergone major changes in the past two decades, as a result of the rise of the internet. While there are new developments in the technological field in the way journalism is practiced as a profession, editorial boards yet remain unchanged. Journalists in the Netherlands are not the best representation of Dutch society. Society consists of multiple cultures and colours, but journalism as a profession remains, unfortunately, a white monoculture. Due to the lack of diversity in journalism, editors often do not know how to highlight complex issues. People do not recognise themselves in the image being sketched, whilst the relationship between the media and cultural minorities is increasingly characterised by mistrust, suspicion and even hostility.

To tackle this problem I have started several projects and initiatives. My goal is to increase the participation of people with a non-Western background, mainly Muslims, in journalism. I use my knowledge of new media, journalistic and editorial skills to gradually change the Dutch media landscape so that it is representative of society as a whole.

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