Pashto interpreter

Pashto / Pashto / Pakhto / Pukhto /

 In Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pashto is the native language of an estimated 50 million people. It is a language with several dialects. For political and economic reasons, Pashto is less standardised than other regional languages. The writing can differ per region, and in addition dialectical differences per region can differ so that the speakers of Pashto from various regions sometimes do not understand each other.


As a native speaker, I have learned several dialects of Pashto by interacting with people from all regions where the language is spoken. I understand all dialects and have interpreted for refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan for over ten years.

Language and culture expert

Besides interpreting and translating, I am also an expert in the field of culture and traditions of the Afghans and Pakistanis who speak Pashto. I have testified as an expert in court during various legal processes.

Photo: Sangar Paykhar in the Lower House of the States General at work as an interpreter Pashto. Source: ANP/Volkskrant

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